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We are a Swiss-based small team of experienced interior designers and decorators. Thanks to our central location, we are able to work with clients who reside in most parts of Switzerland – from Geneva and Vaud to Basel, Luzern, Zurich and Zug. To those clients who are located further afield or simply do not have the time to have meetings in person, we provide our services online.

Over the years we have built our expertise in space planning and design implementation which are done according to our client's needs, tastes and budget. We believe that good design can be achieved at different budget levels. Each project receives personal attention from our experienced team. We encourage our clients to participate in every phase of the project.
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Our services range from consultations – both on-site and on-line – and virtual property staging to full-scale ‘turn-key’ projects. Over the time, we have developed working relationships with many dozens of European high quality furniture manufacturers as well as their authorized agents and distributors. Thus we are able to offer our clients comprehensive FREE assistance with their search for furniture items. Learn more

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Interior Design and Decoration Projects

Depending on the Client's requirements, these services can cover either a particular room/area or the entire house/apartment or commercial premises. They can include: development of design concept, floor plans and elevations, photo-realistic 3D-visualisations, schedule of materials, design of bespoke furniture, selection of lighting equipment, furniture, decorative accessories and so on, as well as realisation of the design.

Furniture and Accessories

Very often, people who choose to search for a suitable piece of furniture themselves, find this process to be extremely tiring and time consuming. Not only it isn’t easy to find a particular design that they have envisioned but, even if they manage to find a more or less suitable piece, the price of it may appear a little too high to fit in the pre-allocated budget. To those people who prefer not to waste their time and money we offer FREE services*
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Design and Production of Bespoke Furniture

In the event when it happens to be impossible to find a perfectly suitable piece in the current collections of furniture manufacturers to either complement the existing interior of our client’s home, or if a client wants to have a truly unique one-of-a-kind piece of furniture, we can design it for the client and get it made to order at the specialized factories or workshops of our carefully selected European partner companies.

Decoration Materials and Home Textiles

These days, it’s quite easily to get lost in the vast sea of available decoration materials, such as for example floor and wall coverings, and especially if you have to consider not only the look and price of the product but also its technical characteristics. Another difficulty is caused by the fact that most shops represent only a limited range of brands and collections.
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Search for Pieces of Art and Antiques

Carefully selected antiques and works of art can enhance the home, help a decorating scheme fall into place and thus bring years of enjoyment. Together with our partner art and antique dealers and galleries we can assist you with selection of high quality objects for the interior of your home. These can include old and contemporary paintings and sculptures, pieces of applied arts, vintage and antique furniture and other decorative objects.

Virtual and Traditional Home Staging

We can help prepare a property for sale by making it appealing to a greater number of potential buyers, thereby selling it quicker and for more money. The surveys of real estate agents in the US have shown that home staging can reduce a listing's time of a property on the market by 30-50%, and could fetch 10-15% more money than an empty home or a home not properly prepared for sale.
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"Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will."

George Bernard Shaw

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