Selection and Supply of Furniture and Accessories

Advantages of working with us, at a glance


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 We help you save time

Very often, people who choose to search for a suitable piece of furniture themselves, find this process to be extremely tiring and time consuming. Not only it isn’t easy to find a particular design that they have envisioned but, even if they manage to find a more or less suitable piece, the price of it may appear too high to fit in the pre-allocated budget. To those people who prefer not to waste their time and money we offer FREE services*, which cover search and careful selection of suitable options in the collections of many dozens of European furniture manufacturers, according to the clients’ requirements.

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 We help you save money

We can guarantee that our prices are never going to exceed regular retail prices in either Switzerland or the neighbouring EU countries. Furthermore, most often we will be able to offer you even better prices.

*Please note: (1) We do not deal with mass market furniture such as the one from IKEA, Conforama and the like. (2) Our search and selection services are offered free of charge to those our clients who purchase furniture through us. (3) All products supplied are covered by the relevant manufacturer’s warranty.

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 You receive consultations free of charge

Along with our FREE furniture selection services, to our clients, we also offer FREE interior design and decoration consultations focusing on improving both aesthetics and ergonomics of their living spaces. Depending on the size of a project, we may also develop 3D sketches of the interiors at NO EXTRA CHARGE. If our clients find it necessary, we can also develop for them photorealistic 3D renders illustrating our ideas (this service is offered at an extra charge).



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