Virtual and Traditional Home Staging

We can help prepare a property for sale by making it appealing to a greater number of potential buyers, thereby selling it quicker and for more money. The surveys of real estate agents in the US have shown that home staging can reduce a listing’s time of a property on the market by 30-50%, and could fetch 10-15% more money than an empty home or a home not properly prepared for sale.

We can also do virtual home staging by generating photorealistic 3d-visuals demonstrating the true potential of the property that is offered for sale. Virtual staging is more cost effective than the real-life one. Not only it allows to demonstrate the potential of an empty house or apartment, but also the potential of a property, which is still occupied or the one which is being in a poor decorative condition. The computer-generated images can be used for advertising the property in the real estate agent’s shop windows, specialised magazines as well as on the Internet.


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